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About Us

Noa Medical Services was established with the backing of Grupo Noa International to provide a range of services utilizing our Virtual Assistants tailored for medical offices. Our expertise spans all aspects of medical office processes.
Led by our director, Jenny Arce, boasting over a decade of administrative experience in the healthcare sector, we’ve united to create a company that thrives alongside the finest surgeons and medical centers in Costa Rica.
Elevate your office with our assistance; we’re here to support your growth!


  • 24/7 IT Support

  • Our adaptable Virtual Contact Center framework enables seamless integration of your headquarters, remote offices, and outsourced locations into a unified virtual center or practice. They operate as a cohesive unit, granting access to talent beyond your local area, cutting overtime expenses, and minimizing overhead costs.

  • With virtual office and call center solutions, we streamline the process of implementing a tailored solution for your operational needs.


  • Minimize capital expenditures by efficiently scaling up and down.

  • Facilitate short- and long-term process enhancements through management tools and standardized processes.

  • Assure service levels to uphold the smooth functioning of your business operations.

  • Leverage existing technology to reduce costs for your organization. Ensure consistent delivery and quality of service.

Testimonials from our clients

" It has been a success! They have helped me better organize my agenda, keep track of surgeries, payments and invoices. In addition, they help me with documents for insurance and others... I live happier, calmer and more organized, but more importantly; I have more free time. 😍”

Dr. Adriana GamboaAnesthesiology

I am very satisfied. Efficiency, speed and security with the procedures carried out. I receive progress in a timely manner. Highly recommended!!!

Dr. Andrés ArleyUrologist

The best thing that has happened to me, they support me in better customer service. Aside from quotes for my procedure patients, guidance and triage of calls.

Dr. Ronald SalazarGynecologist